3 Extraordinary Essays that Writers Can Emulate

Essay writing is a craft that many writers have mastered. They go on to show the power that a single essay can pack. Some teach us in a few paragraphs what books can’t do in volumes.

Though we are here for your essay troubles. Many online services can help you with your essay writing service, it is important for you to take a look at these various essays and admit to yourself: years of writing and training on academic essays make sense.  

  1. Once More to the Lake - E.B. White

This essay by E.B. White talks about the time when he takes his son to the same lake that he as a child would go to accompanied by his father. The essay is an epitome of describing emotions and themes through spewing life into ordinary scenes and objects.

White gives the inanimate life, the water takes on the attribute of trustworthiness, the dragonfly becomes a bridge between his past and his son’s and his present. It’s filled with sensory detail that not only describes the time planes between his present and the past but shows the boundary thicking and thining through the play of words.

With words alone, White grapples with his thoughts of melancholy and the slipping of time, as he realized his mortality with his son in mind.

The most attractive aspect of its readability, despite taking the readers back and forth in memory and time.

  1. Fail Better - Zadie Smith

The premise of this legendary essay is that the craft of writing can be honed by someone, a writer,  who tries to write to be a writer extraordinaire, but most often than not fails. Why? She asks. And then answers in a maybe.

In ten points in her essay, she talks about an author’s personality and how it governs the way the world is perceived. She then takes on why the writers should write in accordance with their characters, their complexities, and not fall in the mundane fulfillment of the passerby readers.

Her form of persuasion zeros in on her appeal to write good and fail better rather than write weak to succeed worse such as Write My Essay. She talks about the duty of the writer and the work to teach and to preach the sight of the world that one sees, the caricature that one observes, and the theories that one unfolds. In that, she hopes that writers find their way to the readers--by the effort of readers-- with whom they connect with.

Fail better is for every writer, from academic to a novelist.

  1. Assasins of Mind - Christopher Hitchens

The essay defends the free speech in light of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, as a result of Rushdie’s fourth novel ‘The Satanic Verse’. The Satanic Verse despite being a work of fiction agitated the Islamic extremists, which caused media censorship over anything related to Islam, out of fear. To an essay writer, nothing is above free speech, the point of the essay will be diminished without it.

Hitchens shows how true and deep research can work for your favor, allowing you to defend your point by using real-life examples and from a variety of backgrounds and sources.  

He narrates the various killing of journalists and translators, and countless attacks on publishers were deemed justified by the extremist parts of the community. He creates the contradiction through analogies with Christianity and concludes with a final word that several decades on the same fear resides in the media: another fatwa, several more killed.

This essay is a prime example of how to support your point with incidences, quotes, and narrations. It is an epitome of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

Other Notable Essays

Essays demonstrating the power of persuasion, the effectiveness of eclectic examples, and powerful writing are many such as an Essay Writer. Amongst these essays some are a must for students and writers: